Sliding doors

Sliding doors and interior partitions are a modern and practical solution for any interior. Sliding doors are designed to save space. They are widely used in the design of facilities that perform multiple functions. Sliding partitions can easily separate the kitchen area from the living room, dressing room from the bedroom, study room from negotiate room; this can help you to create a small privacy zone.

Sliding doors have different design features. Sliding door system can be installed in various ways, and the doors can be made of different materials. There are many solutions, the number of panels, mounting type, ways to move the panels. Therefore, the production and installation of sliding systems are best entrusted to professionals like our employees.

Sliding doors and partitions of Secret Doors is the result of a constant search for perfection. In our product we have successfully combined the practicality of metal and ease of glass.  Due to the use of an elegant thin aluminum profiles, sliding doors and partitions do not overload the interior, demonstrate the ease, openness and dynamics. They fill a living space with light, emphasize the perfect design of housing.  Partitions of SecretDoors is the ideal replacement for the walls and heavy partitions.

For our sliding systems, we use time-tested and customer-tested components of the German company «Hafele», who is the world leader in the production of fittings and door systems. Depending on the type of opening sliding doors can be mounted: in the doorway, on a hidden rail or ceiling mount.  We produce several types of door leafs for our sliding doors, such as the switchboards leaf, leaf framed in aluminum and glass panel.


  • Aluminum

  • Full glass

  • Braced Leaf

The aluminum door leaf for our sliding system is a welded frame made of anodized aluminum, with an interior filled with sound-proof material. The facade of the both sides is lined with moisture-resistant MDF, which protects the panel from the adverse effects of moisture.

Full glass doors are made of safety – tempered glass. The thickness of the glass may vary depending on the type of premises. There are many ways to decorate the glass – for example using sandblasting, printing or painting in any color.

The standard braced leaf for the sliding door is a durable, but at the same time lightweight frame made of solid alder, lined on both sides with sheets of moisture-resistant MDF, and filled by polystyrene foam.


    Крепление раздвижной системы в проеме предусматривает то, что створки или створка системы двигаются внутри проема, или «заезжают» в специальную кассету, встроенную в стену. Данный тип крепления является одним из самых популярных, так как система монтируется в готовый проем. Система раздвижных дверей в проеме может быть с нижней направляющей или без нее. Купить раздвижные двери высокого качества и по доступной цене Вы сможете в нашем салоне или в сети дилеров по всей Украине.


    In this system, the upper guide is embedded in the ceiling and it is not visible from the outside door leaf. The upper guide is suspended, it slides on the rail, and because of absence of lower guide it is completely hides. The visible part is only the door leaf, which can be manufactured according to various technologies, using aluminum, glass, stainless steel and so on.


    Sliding doors with a ceiling mount are the perfect solution for interior doors where it is planned to integrate the door from floor to ceiling.  The mounting system of this design is similar to the installation of a sliding rail system on a hidden rail. In this system, the upper guide is mounted directly to the ceiling and covered by a decorative cornice.