High hidden doors SecretDoors


High hidden doors SecretDoors – fresh solution for the modern interior.

High doors can make your interior more spacious, more interesting and more modern. These doors can give the rooms an original and extraordinary view, which is a great solution to make interior magnificence and showiness. Standard high hidden doors are doors from floor to ceiling which make the room not only spacious, but also lighter. Such models of doors in the open species visually combine two rooms, increasing the scope and depth of each door. SecretDoors company is ready to offer you the perfect solution – high hidden doors, installation of which will decorate your interior. Suggested ceiling embedded hidden doors – is a harmonious combination of style, modern technology and perfect quality. Our catalog presents various models of high doors, among them single-leaf and double-leaf doors. Hidden high  doors from SecretDoors are one of the most fashionable trends in the design of modern rooms. You can buy hidden high doors in our brand stores or dealers network all over Ukraine.

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  • 08.12.2016

    Компания «SecretDoors» рада сообщить о возможности цветного анодирования наших профилей в 4 базовых цвета: Шампань, Титан, Черный, Алюминий.

  • 08.12.2016

    Компания SecretDoors представляет новый продукт – добор из алюминия для скрытой дверной коробки. Алюминиевый расширитель гармонично сочетается со скрытой коробкой, расширитель и дверная коробка изготовлены из идентичного материала и дополняют друг друга.