Hidden doors

Hidden doors are doors without casing, which are mounted flush with the wall. In such doors we use a special form of aluminum profile as the box , which allows it to be effectively invisible and seem like the door leaf merges into the wall. Previously hidden doors were used only to hide the entrance to the room, but over time the invisible door gained a lot of popularity and the aesthetics of these doors have pleased many people. The effect can be combined with the originality and functionality of the interior and  emphasize and expand space visually.

We produce four types of anodized aluminum box for different variants of doors: external and internal opening, the outer and the inner opening with a frame of aluminum and opening doors to the large, non-standard sizes. The door leaves can be braced (based on a wooden frame) or aluminum (based on aluminum profile). Door leafs are produced already primed for further painting or wallpapering. They can be painted in any color : RAL / NCS, using mirror decoration, painted glass  or trimmed with various natural and modified veneer, using various combinations of additional metal inserts, leather or stone.

Great opportunities for customization of the box and leaf finish. It is possible to make a box without a top jumper as well. Upon the request, we can produce a leaf made of water-resistant materials. Mounting of hidden door closer is not a problem for us ! High product quality due to modern equipment and ongoing monitoring process. Low cost and short delivery times due to the location of the factory.

We produce boxes made of anodized aluminum brand AD-31.  This alloy is lightweight, durable and resistant to corrosion and resistant to high temperatures. The design of each of our boxes is adapted to construction standards and allows you to finish the wall near the doorway without difficulty. Unlike our competitors, the door leaf is made of aluminum welded construction that provides durability and reliability.





The frame of this type of fabric made from glued solid alder – that gives it strength and durability. Void in the frame filled with sound and thermal insulation material – extruded polystyrene foam. On both sides of the frame is stabilized moisture resistant MDF sheets – that protect your door from temperature changes, humidity and other negative factors. Castle of the strengthened and ensures the safety of the structure. Each fabric is treated during manufacture primer: polyurethane or acrylic, depending on the further door trim.

Frame leaf made of anodized aluminum. web design elements welded together argon welding, it makes the most durable connection. Inside the aluminum frame is a sound-absorbing and heat-insulating material – extruded polystyrene. Plane fabric covered moisture-resistant MDF which prevents bending plane of the door under the influence of moisture. Depending on the door trim, each door is primed with acrylic or polyurethane primer.

This type of fabric may be as aluminum and shield. The only difference is the fact that on one side or on both sides of the applied decoration of glass or mirror. We cooperate with leading glass manufacturers both Ukraine and Europe. Facing the door glass or mirror provides ample opportunities for interior design.



    The braced leaf frame is made from laminated solid alder, which gives it strength and durability. The void in the frame is filled with sound and thermal insulation material – extruded polystyrene foam. On both sides, the frame is covered by moisture resistant MDF sheets, that protect your door from temperature changes, humidity and other negative factors. The lock mount is strengthened and it ensures the safety of the structure.


    Veneer is an excellent material for finishing the secret door. Veneers can show all the nobility and the texture of wood, it is affordable and time saving solution. Our company uses veneer from both European and domestic manufacturers. Veneers can be both natural and modified, in order to increase opportunities for customer selection.


    Doors without casing painted in color according to RAL or NCS catalog will be ideal for integration into any room. With a variety of colors, and the ability to adjust the gloss on the surface – there are limitless possibilities in color choices.


    Glass doors that are flush with the wall are an elegant solution for your home. The color depth is an excellent aesthetic component. Due to the thickness of 6 mm , it has an excellent color depth. The use of painted glass for the door trim is the modern trend in design.


    Nowadays doors with invisible mirror are very popular. The mirror may have several base colors such as silver, bronze, gold, graphite, and so on. Moreover, the mirror can be etched with a sandblast pattern.


    Stone veneer looks great on the door without door casing, and in combination with wall panels  will become the exclusive interior element. Very often the stone is used as a separate item  to the interior design of exclusivity and prestige.


    Leather inserts or full leather invisible door is an elegant and luxurious solution. Leather trim always looks gorgeous and eye-catching.  This natural material is wear-resistant and durable.

  • Standard


    • Openings in standard sizes.
    • For leafs weighing more than 40 kg.
    • Outside opening.
    • The most cost-effective solution.
  • Universal


    • Openings in standard sizes.
    • For leafs weighing more than 40 kg.
    • Selecting the type of opening
      before installation.
  • Premium


    • Openings larger.
    • For leafs weighing more than 50 kg.
    • Installation “in the doorway.”
    • Takes the entire depth
      of the opening using 75 mm.
    "Standard" Box of anodized aluminum

    “Standard” box is made from anodized aluminum, as well as other products of the company SecretDoors. The box is designed for outdoor opening and door panels up to 2500 mm high and width up to 1000 mm.  This solution is the most cost-effective if you want the door to the same level with the wall height of 2.5 meters.

    Braced Leaf

    Standard sizes of braced leaf are 2050 mm/ 1950 mm in height  and 700 mm/900mm in width, which complies with all building codes in the CIS countries. The frame of our leaf is made of solid alder, covered on both sides with moisture resistant MDF, the interior filled with sound insulation material.

    Hidden hinges

    We finish the door block with hidden hinges of our own production. Our hinges are adjustable in 3 planes, can bear weight of 40kg on 2 hinges and 60 kg on 3 hinges, opening angle is up to 180 degrees. Hinges are inserted in door leaf by CNC machine using special pattern to ensure maximum precision and the absence of any gaps.

    Magnetic latch mechanism from AGB Polaris

    The standard door is equipped with an Italian magnetic latch from AGB Mediana Polaris.  Using a magnetic mechanism, the door can open and close quietly. The color of the lock is matt chrome. The lock is embedded by machine with numerical control, which ensures the accuracy and highest level.


    Standard equipment includes a seal from the Austrian company MACO in gray. We chose this product because of its quality characteristics,  that ensure secure fit of the door leaf to the box that creates an effective protection against noise, dust and odors.

    Mounting kit

    Each door is equipped with a mounting kit developed by our engineers. This kit allows installing a door block in doorways made of different materials. Due to the latest adjustment system 3 – planes was achieved high accuracy adjustment, which reduced labor costs for the installation of the door unit.


    Supply of door blocks comes to the final destination fully assembled, pre-built components and accessories for mounting components. You do not need to spend an additional cost. Door block is carefully packed in cardboard and polyethylene, which ensures reliable protection of the product during transportation.

    Door handle

    Door handle – an essential element of the door, which must fit into the style of the door. We work with all well-known manufacturers of door hardware. Our designers will help you choose a handle for any door.

    The drop-down threshold

    Most of the flush-mounted doors do not have door threshold. This is a unique solution, which allows you to make a continuous flooring between rooms. But this design has a small flaw: absence of door threshold reduces the sound insulation and does not prevent the penetration of odors and dust between the rooms separated by a hidden door. This problem can be solved by installing the drop-down threshold, which at the time of closing the door extends adjacent to the floor covering, thus closing the gap between the door leaf and the floor.

    Lock with a hidden door handle

    Hidden doors can be equipped with a lock with a hidden handle from Bonaiti. The design of the lock allows you to insert it completely in a single plane with the door, and thus get rid of the elements protruding beyond the wall plane. The hidden door handle can be stylized door trim that perfectly complements the concept of the hidden door.

    Hidden door closers

    If you want your door to close automatically, we can equip it with a hidden door closer. Hidden door closer is inserted using CNC machine on our factory.