Hidden baseboard

The hidden baseboard is a novelty in design solutions for the interior. This system allows the baseboard to be in one plane with the wall. The hidden baseboard perfectly complements the interior with hidden doors, thus completing the idea of a door without doorjamb. Unlike a standard baseboard, the hidden baseboard does not stick out from the wall, thus making it easy to place the furniture in the room and reduce dust. The advantages of the hidden baseboard are: stylish appearance and the ability to decorate with a variety of materials – wood, metal, glass, plastic.

The hidden baseboard consists of an aluminum base and a decorative insert. Basic length is 2 meters; the height under the insert is 60 mm. The insert is fixed by clamps,  that allow you to remove or replace the box baseboard, if necessary; in addition, it simplifies fixing the cable.

The hidden baseboard ensures that the plane of the door leaf, the walls and the decorative inserts of the baseboard are at the same level. The stiffness of the baseboard base allows one to use decorative inserts of varying heights. The design of the hidden baseboard with aluminum base provides the ability to install LED lighting, which opens up new possibilities in the design of your interior. We offer a wide range of decorative inserts to suit all your needs.

The base of the hidden baseboard is made of anodized aluminum brand AD-31, which is characterized by high strength and anti-corrosion features. Decorative inserts are made of different materials such as solid wood, glass, MDF and so on. The minimum insertion height is 60 mm; the maximum is limited by common sense. The base and the insert are connected together by special glue or fasteners, which simplifies dismantling of the baseboard when necessary.


  • Wooden inserts

    Wooden plinth or veneer of natural wood. We make a decorative insert of full solid wood or veneer version. Veneered insert almost indistinguishable from a more expensive option – the insertion of solid wood.

  • Artificial stone

    Plinth made of artificial stone is sophisticated solution for the interior. The advantage of artificial stone is the seamless connection, absence of pores in the material, which are inherent in natural products. Hidden plinth made of stone has a high performance: it is easy to clean and resistant to soiling even fluids such as red wine or iodine.

  • MDF / Plywood

    The base of the plinth is covered with lamination on the front surface or wood veneer. Water-resistant plywood and MDF highly technological materials, in contrast to the solid wood it is almost not afraid of moisture, in addition, these materials are much cheaper. Inlays of moisture-resistant MDF and plywood meet all environmental standards.

  • Ceramics

    Ceramic plinth is convenient and stylish solution. Finishing by ceramic tile is perfectly combined with a decorative plinth of the same tile.

  • Plastic

    Various acrylic plastic inserts will fit to the modern interior. These materials are durable and moisture-proof, in case of damage it will be easily to replace by similar products in color.

  • Glass

    Inlays made of glass can be dyed or transparent. There are big variety of colors and textures of glass allows you to decorate any room. If in your interior there are glass doors, the inlay of glass will be a great solution and visually complements the design of your housing.

Mounting of hidden baseboard:

  • The first step is mounting of the aluminum base, which is available in lengths of 2 meters. (See the diagram of the device / image. 3)
  • The height of the baseboard should be pre-determined; depending on that, the aluminum base is fixed at the desired level by the level of the finished floor.
  • Mounting of a baseboard should be made in the final stage of a renovation, after all finishing and floor work are complete.
  • Mounting of a baseboard should be made in the final stage of a renovation, after all finishing and floor work are complete.